How HawkEye Works

Hawk eye Global Crime Reporter is one of the most advanced crime and emergency reporting system in the world.

Why HawkEye?

Identity Safe

Hawk Eye protects the identity of the user reporting a crime. It does not capture your name or your phone number. It allows anonymous reporting. Users reporting different types of crimes may opt to disclose their identity by filing a written report, where you may disclose your identity and location.

Response to Crime

With the iPolice tablet you get quick and efficient response to Crime reports. Nearest police patrol to your location can be viewed on a dashboard and dispatched to assist you


Allow you to notify family and friends, When you feel in danger or uncomfortable with your Company. System will notify and send your location to family every 60 seconds until deactivated. Your emergency group can contact police with our location for assistance.

Emergency Notifications from Police

In times of emergency nothing can be more helpful than notifications from the police on how to be safe. Hawk App is connected to the iPolice Enterprise system which allow police to make public, announcement of danger to the public, emergencies, Most Wanted and missing person.

Share with Friends and Family

Now you can share crimes you have reported with friends. It gives the added confidence for our friends and families to report crimes and keep our communities safe. It also alert family and friends of the type and how crimes are commit ed by criminals


Now everyone can use the Hawk Eye App It is made available in local languages in all countries where it's deployed. Just select your country after log-in and get the app in your local language.

Menu Drive Crime Icons

With the menu of crime icons, police can easily dispatch the appropriate officers to your rescue. Ability to Request immediate response with video and image captured and record evidence of crime which provide ability for police to manage crime data with statics on types of prevalent crimes

My Brother’s Keeper

No need to go to police station or division to report crime anymore. Just from the comfort of your home, office or location, select the crime you are witnessing, and the system will send only the video, image or location of the crime in progress to police. No more driving to police station.

File Report

Not all crimes require video or image may forms of crimes occur out of view or when you may not be in a position to request response or capture image or video. The File Report allow you to file a formal complaint or report, with option to attach documents, images and photos; many times, days after the crime has occurred or just crime you are aware of. Investigators are assigned to Field reports

Free, No Subscription Required

Hawk Eye is available to all citizens and users in all countries where it is deployed. No payment or fees required to report crime to police

Hawk eye Global Crime Reporter is one of the most advanced crime and emergency reporting system in the world.
Felix Doughry