About Hawk Eye

Our story

Hawk eye Global Crime Reporter is one of the most advanced crime and emergency reporting system in the world. It integrates Video Camera, Text and Voice using mobile application for crime reporting. All reporting is anonymous.  It offers a menu of crimes such as kidnapping, robbery, human trafficking, accident etc. from which users can select.

The system offers iPolice Mobile Device Terminal for Police Patrol Vehicles for dispatching and communication with command centers. It utilizes fingerprint and facial technology to identify and remove habitual or wanted criminals off the street. Officers can collect statements from suspects, witnesses and collect digital evidence while in the field.

Hawk Eye is a powerful tool for community policing with the global communication tool used to provide information to the public in times of emergency as it engenders the community to law enforcement. It turns entire population into human intelligence for law enforcement. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Reports are available to provide statistics for crime management.