About Hawk Eye

Hawk Eyes offers one the most advanced emergency response systems on the market.  The system is based on mobile technology integrated with advance crime fighting tools. It allow users with mobile phones to report crimes with video, image, text or voice. All reporting is anonymous; protecting identity or phone number of the user encourages usage.

The system includes Facial Recognition Technology developed by Microsoft to allow officers using iPolice Mobile Device Terminals (MDT) gather digital evidence, fight human trafficking, kidnappings, identify and remove criminals, terrorist and other bad actors off the streets.

The Hawk Eye Enterprise system offers law enforcement public announcement and notification utility, Key performance analytical tools, case management platform for investigators and digital evidence management.


• Mobile App for Users
• Enterprise Web Server for Command & Control Center, dispatching, crime management and investigation
• iPolice Mobile Device Terminal (MDT) for officers and field operations

Dispatchers view of Video or Image of crime reported with map view